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Found some spare change in your couch and are feeling generous? Donate to us to ensure our servers stay up! We also have a Patreon page where you can donate however much you want monthly, and gain a Discord donor rank if it's over $5/m: check it out here!

Blocktopia has also implemented its first wave of Donor Rewards in-game! Make sure to link your account and hop on the server to check it out.

Minecraft / Discord Account Link
Register your forum account and get a [Member] rank in the Lobby.
If you are a donor, you will get the [Donor] rank in Lobby & Create, and if you link your discord you will get the Donor role in our discord!

Donor features as said above are planned, so make sure to link up if you haven't already!

Please make sure to vote for our GameServers! It helps us reach to new players and will help grow our community, and you get rewards across all servers! You can refer to the links below for the websites.

Planet Minecraft

I have something new in the works, so don't be surprised when you join into something brand new soon ;) A post about that will be coming soon!

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You may have notices that the servers have new fancy banners and we have a new header! Let me know what you think :)


Thank you all for reporting the bugs that have come with updating to 1.15! I am working hard to make sure that everything is in working order. I also know a lot of people miss FAWE and aren't a huge fan of the current world-edit situation. I do apologize for that, but FAWE still does not seem stable enough to run on a public server. I am actively monitoring it and making sure that

Bugs are sadly hard to avoid, especially on a new server. If you find any bugs on Blocktopia, make sure to report them on our phabrictor here. If you need help understanding Phabricator, you can read this helpful post by SirC here!

I've fixed a few small bugs, including a memory leak with the BuildBattles plugin causing lag & crashes (hopefully more stability on the server comes with this) - along with fixed some things in the spawn region including the BuildBattle Signs not working, and the Voting Leaderboard not loading information correctly.

I apologize for the delay in release, I have been quite busy with IRL stuff due to coronavirus. I am putting in as much work as I can while taking care of my grandma, and fully expect to get this server out soon. I will post more about this later in its own forum post. I hope you are all being safe and keeping healthy, and hopefully, you can enjoy this server during the rest of your quarantine quite soon.​