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Jan 13, 2013
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As we begin to move on to Phase 3 and the SMP team works on SMP, I will be working on slightly updating and modernizing our Creative server. Fortunately, I've already done a lot of work on the server in the past few years, along with the help from other staff so there isn't much that has to be done. I still want to take this as an opportunity to make the server better, more engaging, welcoming, and fun for players though. I'm going to detail a few things below where I think the Creative server could shine a bit better, feel free to make suggestions on what you feel you can in the comments below.

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Player Economy
One thing that I think really lacks on our Creative server is a general economy. I think we could definitely expand on things to "purchase" with money earned on the Creative server. I have a hard time remembering exactly what we did in the past on our older Creative servers, or if we did anything at all - but I think it's worth looking into now considering the current meta of things. Some solutions I have thought about are:
  • Purchasable Cosmetics
  • Daily Login Bonus
  • Purchasable Name Colours
  • Purchasable Plots
What other things do you think we could use a currency for? Leave your thoughts below!

Voting Rewards
Honestly I'm sure the bulk of these are going to tie into the economy from above, but I'm curious if anyone has any other suggestions for voter awards. If you've played on other creative servers and have seen something you liked that they do, mention it down below! There's a handful of things we can do, like temporary permissions, currency awarsds, etc. I don't really have many ideas for voter rewards as of right now, so feel free to add on to my short list:
  • Currency Award
  • Temp access to AST / HeadDB when below rank requirement
Donor Perks
Donors deserve to get some recognition, and honestly, I feel like our creative server could use some work when it comes to that. Currently as it stands, Donors get Chat Colours and a special Prefix, but nothing else really. I have a few more ideas in mind, but I'd love to hear suggestions in this vein. I do want to stress that I don't want to cut access to features from regular users like World-Edit, but I'm fine with expanding on them / adding more cosmetic features for just donors. Here are a few of my ideas:
  • Selectable Prefixes
  • Larger WE Regions (Not restricting current ones)
  • Free Access to Cosmetics
  • Exclusive CompMeme Commands
  • Access to /hat and other fun commands
If you have any more ideas, once again feel free to leave them below or on the Discord!

Rank Perks
I feel like there could be some more perks to encourage players to climb up the rank ladder. There's definitely a lot more out there in terms of adding mechanics and useful features for a Creative server. I especially feel like the higher ranks need more incentive, considering there isn't much going on there. I'll be honest I don't have a solid idea on what to add for these yet at all, and I'm hoping people will have some good suggestions for me.

Misc Additions
I do plan on adding some new things that aren't exactly under those categories as well, and am always open to suggestions that don't fit under them too. Here are a few things I have in mind:
  • New FlatLand
  • New Terrain World
  • New Building Utility Plugins
  • More Events / Competitions
  • Build Battle Mini-Game?
  • Improved Dynamp UI
  • SimCity Cleanup
That's about it for now, I'm looking forward to all of the suggestions I get for the server, on the forums and on our Discord. I'm also looking forward to making sure the creative server is in tip top shape for all the (hopefully) new players to see when we start releasing other servers.