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Do you have a suggestion or a bug report for a game server? Copy the suggestion or bug report format below and post a new thread in the respective game server sub-forums! Remember that suggestions and bug reports are not ban appeals! Don’t worry if you fill in the format wrongly, every effort you make to improve the community is appreciated, so tell us what you think! Feel free to include anything that you feel will help you describe your suggestion better, including concept art or screenshots. You can also include polls in your suggestion threads as well.

Anyone can reply to suggestion threads and bug reports. Bug Reports include any sort of server behaviour that might differ from the expected server behaviour. This may come in the form of map problems or gameplay glitches.

You are encouraged to include either [Suggestion] or [Bug Report] in your thread title.

Server Suggestion format:
Describe your suggestion:
Are you willing to work with our staff team to implement this suggestion? (It's okay to say no)
Server Bug Report Format:
Description of Bug (Include the expected results and the actual results if applicable):
Evidence (Logs, Screenshots, etc.):
Steps to Reproduce:
If you have found a bug that is potentially game-breaking or heavily exploitable, please send a private message to the respective server admins instead.
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