Survival SimpleSMP Content Update #5 - 1.16.2, Bugfixes, & Stability!


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Jan 13, 2013
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SimpleSMP's Fifth content update: 1.16.2, Bugfixing, & Stability!
Welcome to SimpleSMP's fifth update! This update mainly focuses on getting us super stable, on top of fixing a TON of bugs that have popped up since the start of the server. We will also be releasing 1.16.2, so expect whatever new features come with that! We are also updating a slew of our plugins, so there will be features to look forward to from them also.

Release Date: Friday, Sept 11th, @ 2PM UTC.

General Stability

When we first launched, I didn't expect the server not to be completely up to the task of hosting SMP. I did a handful of stress tests, so it was fairly odd - though my updates also changed things around too. Luckily, in the past month we've had the amazing opportunity to move to a much better dedicated server. We have officially done the move for SMP, so it should run much smoother now. We are also going to be able to enable features that previously were disabled due to performance issues - so look out for that too! I've already had reports that the server feels much better in general, so make sure to hop back on if the lag discouraged you :)

SimpleSMP is moving to 1.16.2! Not only did mojang include a BUNCH of bug fixes that many of us have most likely encountered (maybe without even noticing!). This will overall increase the stability and performance of the server, and will really help along with the new dedicated server. You will also notice a new mob chumming around the Nether, the Piglin Brute. These guys are stronger variants of the piglins, and are always hostile - so keep an eye out for them!

If you want to read more about 1.16.2 in general, I suggest reading up on the changes logged on the Minecraft Wikipedia.

Renting Lands
The plugin we use for land claiming has updated to include a new feature that I'm sure many will enjoy, the ability to rent and sell areas / lands. Users can now place a sign, and assign a sub-area for users to rent or buy out. You can do this anywhere in your initial land claim, so you could rent out areas like hotel rooms, apartments, or even mob grinders / farms! To get started, you should reak the wiki about it here. If you need any more explanation, there will be one on the features thread soon.

Features Thread
With everything new that has come to SMP, many people ask about certain plugins / features. I have decided to release a forum post that goes into each plugin we use, how to use it, and what it does with great detail. I will periodically update this to reflect any changes made on the server. If you are interested in reading up on the thread, make sure to check it out here. It contains lots of good information that can be useful to many.

Plugin Changes / Updates
It's been a fair amount of time since I've released an update, so I figured I'd log some of the smaller changes through here so users are at least aware. Click on the respective spoiler to learn more.

Re-Enabled coin drops from mobs
Quest Tracking is now implemented
5 New Mob Powers
Small optimizations / tweaks

Ability to dismiss deliveries
5 new delivery upgrades
2 new tiers of deliveries
New fish drops
Solar Range buff (20%)
Entropy buffed
Mythical Fish stats

Players can now rent out areas of their land
Dispenser grief protection has been tweaked
Mob spawning settings have been tweaked
Users can now view lands coords through the GUI
Redstone protection tweaked
General optimizations to make the plugin run faster

Balancing & Bug Fixes
Replaced AngelChests w/ new death chests
Fixed join messages being buggy
Fixed Beacon data randomly disappearing
Increase mob spawning slightly
Fixed mobs spawning in land claims
PvP & Lands Integration was updated / cleaned up
Jobs plugin has been optimized
McMMO powers and skills balanced & optimized
Fixed issue with tools not breaking on certain animals
Fixed issue with entities losing nametags
Optimized mob stacking
Fixed issue with fortune & stacked items
Made minions more effecient
Balanced out job payouts​
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