Our creative server is a plot based build server. Start out with a starter plot, then gain access to larger plots as you develop and show off your building skills!

We've always been against pay to play! You have access to all these great features:

Please find a helpful command reference and rules below.

Location & Navigation

  • /help - Main navigation menu
  • /glist - View who is active on other servers
  • /spawn - Return to spawn
  • /logout - Exit to the main lobby

Friends and Teleporting

  • /tpa <player> - Ask to teleport to another player
  • /setwarp <name> - Set a warp
  • /warp <name> - Teleport to your warp
  • /home - Teleport to your default plot
  • /mvtp <world> - Teleport to the specified world
  • /mv list - A list of available worlds

Emote Commands

  • /blametnm - Blames tnmjimbob
  • /blame <player> - Blame a player
  • /trains - You like trains!
  • /old - You think that's old
  • /ship <to ship> - Ship something!


  • /time <time/day/night/reset> - Sets the time in your own view
  • /weather <storm/clear/reset> - Sets the weather in your own view
  • /n - Toggles nightvision

Player Movement

  • /speed <1-5> - Adjust speed (set when walking or flying to adjust accordingly)
  • /speed fly <1-5> - Shortcut for fly speed
  • /speed walk <1-5> - Shortcut for walk speed
  • /nc - Toggles no-clip fly mode

Private Messages, and Chat

  • /msg <player> [message] - Send a message to a player
  • /r <message> - Quick reply to the last person who sent you a message

Chat Channels

  • /ch m - Join the main channel
  • /ch rp - Join the roleplay channel
  • /m [message] - Send 1 main channel message
  • /rp [message] - Send 1 roleplay channel message

Building Commands

  • /blocks - Opens menu for "secret" minecraft blocks
  • /banner - Opens banner creator
  • /armorcolor - Opens armor color creator
  • /nc - Toggles no clip mode
  • /nv - Toggles night vision
  • //scale <size> - Simplified deform scaling command
  • //derot <axis> <degrees> - Simple deform rotate command
  • //twist <axis> <degrees> - Simplified deform twist command

World Edit

Everyone is allowed access to full WorldEdit! View the command reference below.

WorldEdit Command List

WorldEdit Shortcuts

  • //1 - //pos1
  • //2 - //pos2
  • //c - //copy
  • //f - //flip
  • //pa - //paste
  • //r - //replace
  • //re - //redo
  • //rt - //rotate
  • //s - //set
  • //st - //stack
  • //u - //undo
  • //cub - //sel cuboid
  • //con - Select convex

Fast Async World Edit

Visit the Wiki

Arceon (by Arcaniax)

  • //wiki - Opens the Arceon wiki
Vist the Wiki

Voxel Sniper

BetterBrushes Add-on using brush set ‘eb’ (e.g. /b eb lift)

Voxel Sniper Reference


Equip a feather on your hotbar. Left click to enable, right click to use.

  • /gp toggle - Enable GoPainter brush
  • /gp undo <#> - Undo
  • /gp size <#> - Change brush size


Equip flint on your hotbar. Left click to enable, right click to use.

  • /gb toggle - Enable GoBrush

Armour Stand Tools

  • /ast - Bring up the armor stand toolset

Organic Model Builder

  • /model load <modelname> - Begin creating with the model chosen
  • /model rotate <value> - Sets the model roll value of the next part you paste
  • /model adjust <part> <yaw> <pitch> <roll> - Adjusts the rotation of a certain part
  • /model end - Finish model creation
  • /model cancel - Cancel model creation

Note: You can only use /model end after placing the first part. If you want to end before placing the first part, right click while holding something or use /model cancel.

1. Respect all staff members.

(a): Create Staff exist to ensure that everyone has a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. Decisions made by the Create staff team are considered to be final. Please do not argue with a judgement made by one of our staff members; if you feel as though a member of Create staff is being abusive or unjust, contact a Controller or Admin in-game, on the forums, Discord or message them privately.

2. Chat Responsibly.

(a): Profane language (such as swearing) is allowed in moderation. Excessive use of swear words on the server is not permitted. It is acceptable to swear once in a while. Swearing multiple times per sentence or every sentence however is unacceptable.

(b): Offensive language will not be tolerated on Create; for example, this includes racist and homophobic terms that are likely to upset and offend other players. Though you may not be offended by certain words - this does not mean that other people won't be.

(c): Threatening or personally attacking other players is forbidden.

(d): Sharing the personal information of another player without their express permission to do so is forbidden.

(e): Use of offensive or profane language on signs, plot titles, custom named-items, pets, sketch-map or through any other medium is not allowed.

(f): Posting links to inappropriate content is forbidden. We do have younger players on Create and in the community who should not be exposed to such content. Furthermore, encouraging users to search for inappropriate or unsafe content is forbidden.

(g): Discussion of Politics and Religion is not allowed. Due to the sensitive nature of these topics and the controversy they can cause, they're best avoided.

(h): Any language other than English is not permitted in main chat. You can however use other languages in private messages or other channels.

(i): Chat rules apply to other languages.

3. Do not Spam or use Excessive Capital Letters.

(a): Spam is not allowed on the server. We define spam as posting the same or similar messages consecutively multiple times in quick succession. Messages that are mostly in caps will also be considered spam.

(b): Excessive spamming of cosmetic effects or fireworks around other players is not allowed.

4.Do not Grief/Modify other player buildings without permission.

(a): Griefing is forbidden. We regard griefing as the unauthorised modification of a players build in any way. This includes and is not limited to; removal of blocks, placing blocks or impacting the structural integrity of a build in any way. Use of any plugin on any building that is not yours is not permitted nor is the use of spawn eggs or mob spawning commands on or in other players builds.

5. Respect all players.

(a): We are all human and deserve to be deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. If you do not get along with a particular user, it is still expected that you both show mutual respect to each other. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated and will result in a severe punishment. We do not tolerate the following;

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Ageism
  • Discrimination based on disabilities
  • Religion
  • Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation (LGBTQ+)

(b): Community rules also apply, which largely cover interactions with other users. See https://blocktopiamc.com/forum/help/terms/

(c): Don't build crude stuff or put on an inappropriate skin (it's not funny!).

Any other kind of discrimination is not tolerated.

6. Advertising is not permitted.

(a): Advertising other servers outside of the Blocktopia network is forbidden. This involves linking IP's or websites in chat, PM's, signs, pet names, plot titles, items etc.

(b): Advertising a Minecraft server or any other gaming server/group is only permitted if express permission from an [Admin] has been given.

7. Do not impersonate staff.

(a): Impersonating staff is not allowed. If you witness anyone attempting to impersonate a staff member of Create or other servers, contact a Moderator+ as soon as possible.

(b): Staff members are recognisable based on their tags to the left of their name. They will be displayed as follows;

  • [Trusted]: Player
  • [Mod]: Player
  • [Controller]: Player
  • [Admin]: Player

*Staff may have a different name replacing their rank in-game. However, the colour of their tag will remain the same.

8. Do not exploit bugs & glitches.

(a): If you discover a bug, glitch or unintentional design flaw in-game, do not abuse it.

(b): Report any bugs, glitches or design flaws immediately to any Moderator+.

(c): Withholding information regarding the existence of a bug, glitch or exploit or encouraging the use of a bug, glitch or exploit is punishable.

(d): Don't exploit the server - no griefing, command abusing, loophole abusing or lag creating!

9. Build Responsibly.

(a):Building offensive or profane structures is inappropriate, immature and not permitted in any world.

(b): The mass creation of redstone clocks and timers is not allowed.

(c): Repeated misuse of commands such as WorldEdit and VoxelSniper that have an impact upon other players or upon server performance may result in restrictions to your build kit or further action being taken.

10. Do not change to or use an inappropriate name or skin.

(a): If your name or skin is inappropriate or offensive, you will be banned until you change it.

(b): This includes political figures, controversial public figures and any image/representation of something which may conflict with the rules listed above.

11.General World Rules.

(a): SimCity follows a realistic city theme, please adhere to it when creating your city. Keep to the 'city' theme - military is allowed, but not on its own.

(b): Lakes and Oceans may not be expanded. Large vessels aren't allowed unless they're integrated into your city. Don't make massive lakes or rivers without permission - we have them already!

(c): No Minecart Railways.

(d): No PixelArt or Redstone.

(e): Staff will assign territory - don't expand out of yours without permission.

(f):If you're not on for 90 days, staff may decide what to do with your territory.

(g) Anything deemed to not fit into the theme, eg. spaceships will be moved at user request by staff members to a secure world, so the creator may reclaim it. Removal of builds by a Player is Grief and is therefore bannable. This WILL be strictly enforced. Ask a staff member if you notice a build you want removing, contact the user who owns the build, and have it moved by a Staff member. The 30-Day rule applies.

(h): On the terrain world, do not modify the terrain. It is there for a reason.

12. Setting up your City & Border Expansion.

(a): When starting a city, it is best to look at the Create DynMap, located here. Staff will assign territory - so no expansion out of yours without permission. It should automatically load on the SimCity (Flattwo). If it doesn't, use the Navigation bar on the right and click either the 'Flat' or 'Surface' option for the SimCity world, either one will do, it's your choice! Staff will assign territory - don't expand out of yours without permission.

(b): New cities should be at least 200 blocks away from any neighbouring cities. The further away cities are spaced, the better! If in the event you are struggling to find somewhere to build, you can ask one of our staff members to find somewhere to build.

(c): If in the event you decide to build a city within 200 blocks of a neighbouring city, you MUST ask the leader of the neighbouring city and have their express permission to build there.

(d): Border expansions should only be done by staff and will be issued if needed.

(e): Fill in the majority of your land before requesting a border expansion.

(f): If you build in another user's territory, they may force your build out after giving at least 30 days' notice.

13. Transport Routes

(a): When choosing a road design or layout, you may decide on what it looks like for YOUR city.
If your road design differs from the appearance of a neighbouring city and you want to connect, the owners of both cities must consent & be satisfied with how it joins/connects. If you cannot get in touch with the owner of the city, get in touch with a staff member!

(b): Building roads does not claim territory. This however does not mean that you were permitted to grief & modify them in any way you choose. However, this does mean that you may build a city close to that road.

(c): Transport links don't count for land claiming, and must be made with all territory owners' consent.