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EscapeRestart is a gaming community dating back to the inception of Classic Minecraft. We have provided our unique gamemodes to the Minecraft community for over 9 years, being the first community to offer a Classic Minecraft Lava Survival server, which was shortly followed by Zombie and TnT.

Our current Minecraft servers include Rituals of Fire, our original lava survival server, Army of Darkness, our PvP server with 6 gamemodes, Create, our Minecraft creative server, with WorldEdit for all, and Return of Arcadia, our dynamic SMP server. We also host regular event servers, so make sure to check out for updates on them!

We host our game servers on a rented dedicated server which allows us to provide a lag-free experience to our players and community. To keep our servers up and running, we need support in the form of donations. Every single donation go towards our server cost - no one profits from this. We also would like to expand out into other games, and your donation will help massively to accomplish this goal.

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