After you appeal

Single server ban appeals:

The banning staff member will make a decision on whether to ban a user. The staff member may either choose to unban a user either with a delay, or in some cases, immediate effect, or decline the appeal. Upon declining the appeal, the staff member will specify how long until the user may appeal. This will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 months.

If the staff member who banned the user fails to respond to an appeal in 1 week or is otherwise unable to respond, a vote will be held in private and the staff member may be sanctioned at the server admin’s discretion if there was not a valid reason for the lack of response. The same vote will occur if the staff member who banned the user is no longer staff. The server admin will hold veto powers over the vote.

Global ban appeals:

Please treat full game bans (Minecraft-wide bans, for example, commonly known as “lobbybans”) as global ones when appealing. When global bans are issued, an appeal date of one year after the ban will be given. Bans before this date will be immediately rejected, unless the user manages to prove that they were falsely charged. If during this ban time a user violates more community rules, such as if they ban evade, their ban on appealing will be extended by one year.

Upon a valid appeal, the admins will discuss the ban and vote on it in private, and are able to post on the appeal thread if they deem it useful. The vote will require 70% of admins to support the unban for it to occur. If the ban is rejected, the banned user will be issued a new appeal date for one year after the appeal was made. After a user has their ban lifted, they will be watched heavily by server admins for 6 months, and any rule violation will restore their global ban. The community admins will hold veto rights over the vote.

When a user has their global ban lifted, any individual server bans they may have will not be lifted. They will be forced to make further appeals for each of those servers. A server admin does not have the right to give a ban on their server to a user having their global ban lifted unless evidence is found that the user should be banned for reasons unrelated to the ones of the global ban.