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Jan 13, 2013
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Leaving Patreon

Around 2016-2017, we started using Patreon as another way to support the server. Patreon if you don't know, is a subscription based donation site, that you essentially "subscribed" to monthly to support our community and help pay for our dedicated server + forum hosting.

While Patreon helped us for a while, the activity on it has gone down a bit, and there is now a new exciting Discord feature we get to test out to replace it! We will be phasing out Patreon in the near future, but not right now - so anyone who is a current Patron can switch over. Nillbugwtw has been graciously paying for everything personally for a while now, and while I'm sure he doesn't mind, I definitely want to try to at least modernize our donation system a bit to be more appealing, and that's where this new feature comes in, along with some other discord updates.

Discord Updates

Premium Memberships

Discord has recently implemented and rolled out a new feature to some servers, called "Premium Memberships" - and it's essentially Patreon but built into Discord! Personally, not only do I believe having something like this "in-house" in what is our most popular hub is more beneficial for us, but the fees seem to be a tad bit smaller as well which is a plus.

While I don't want nill paying out of pocket forever, I also don't want to focus too much on donation things right now as theres more work to be done elsewhere - so for now our only tier is pretty much an exact translation from our one Patreon tier. It's $5/mo, and includes perks like a special donor lounge, exclusive sneak peeks of updates, and a few other things that you can see under the "Premium Membership" tab on top of the channel list.

Yes you can make your EscapeRestart Premium jokes now

Channel Cleanup

There was a lot of unused and useless channels, so we decided to clean them up. When you join our discord now, you will find things a lot more organized and cleaned up / easier to find. Spreading so many channels thin doesn't benefit us at all, and overall just makes the Discord look like a total mess. Things like our info / role channels were combined, and were also cleaned up as well.

We also added things like an #introduce-yourself channel, where you can well.... introduce yourself, a new channel called #apply-for-help where you can now apply for staff instead of on the forums, and also channels surround the community revamp.

XP / Level Reset

If you weren't aware, our Discord had an old XP system, but unfortunately it got quickly outdated and the dev who made it for us is no longer here. People ended up stagnating at the highest level and we couldn't do much about it. We decided to move to a new bot to handle the XP, and created new level roles that are more in line with Minecraft. Everyone is back to Level 0, and you can find information about the roles / some useful commands in the spoilers below.

Copper - Level 0
Iron - Level 7
Gold - Level 15
Lapis - Level 25
Diamond - Level 45
Netherite - Level 100
.xp - Show your XP stats
.xplb - Show XP leaderboard
.timely - Claim your "daily" currency
.cash - Check how much you or someone else has
.give - Give someone money
.lb - Show currency leaderboards
.rps - Play Rock Paper Scissors with bets

Find more commands here

Misc. Cleanup / Additions

Besides all of that, here's a few smaller additions / removals that happened.

+ New Self-Roles in #info, @Meetings and @Events
+ #suggestions now uses a form submission: https://dyno.gg/form/8f941277
+ New Role, Event Manager - helps manage and organize events
+ Bot Games & Currency are back
+ New server icon / banner / custom invite:
+ Role Icons were added
+ New server welcome message

That's about it for this post / update about our Discord, make sure to
join our discord if you haven't already!


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