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Jan 13, 2013
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I understand that revamping this community has been tried multiple times, so I am laying out a commitment plan that details what I and other staff plan to do in the following year or so to help revamp and revitalize the community. You can read it all below! This was what was discussed in the latest community meeting, and you can also find a download for meeting notes / overview as well!

Note: this is not a full comprehensive list, but rather a general plan to make the community aware of larger changes.

Phase 1: Assessing & Research
Est. time: 2 Weeks (June 20th - July 3rd)
  • Assess access to staff and help
    • Make channel, ping everyone, discuss what is going on and what I want
  • Personal outreach to old staff members
    • Discord DM’s, Forum DM’s, use resources to potentially find old help who may be interested.
  • Dig more into the reason why our rebrand failed
    • Motivation / Lost sense of direction
    • No staff numbers to support overarching goals
    • General disinterest
  • Find out what’s wrong with the current servers
    • Explore how they can either be improved, or replaced
    • Don’t make any final decisions, talk to community
  • Make announcement post and email
  • Assign event managers to help manage events on Discord
    • This will help keep event rotations healthy and retention higher
  • Gauge community feedback once announced
  • Community meeting! (We are here!)
    • Make sure to mention we are looking for contributors or moderators

Phase 2: Organization
Est. time: 2 Weeks (July 3rd - July 18th)
  • Organize Discord
    • Clean Channels
    • Clean Roles
    • Reset Ranks
    • Organize for events
  • Prepare for redirection to the purpose of Minecraft
    • Assign staff / contributors to specific servers we have decided on during community meeting
    • Get frameworks laid out for admins / staff to start work
    • Ensure staff / contributors upkeep a healthy relationship with server as CA
  • Demote and clear out old staff
    • Send out warnings to everyone who was not active during discussions
    • No response gets demoted
  • Streamline staffing ranks / make sure moderating is more accessible
    • Help promote staff promotions
    • Probably get a system where staff applications are through discord
  • Streamline forums and website
    • Make base domain have a nice landing page for server and discord, with header leading to forums
    • Combine staff applications
    • Combine a lot of forum nodes, lessening the “bloat” on forums
  • Return to more MC-oriented theming across the board on social medias and other places (logo, etc)

Phase 3: Redirection
Est. time: 2-3 Months (July 18th - Late September)
  • Shutting down all gameservers unrelated to Minecraft
    • TTT and all its staff will be removed
  • Redirecting efforts to modernizing MC Servers
    • Creative server is literally still one of the only F2P ones with WE afaik… we should really use that
    • AoD is almost there… but ultimately it could just become some sort of Mini-Game server or the sorts
    • RoF is just so slow. People love lava survival but it’s a hard sell without a community to talk to, most likely needs to be shelved until we can foster a better community to upkeep that goal in mind
      • RoF also just in general needs some more fast-paced gameplay intertwined into the normal mix
    • SMP is clearly always a hit, just needs to have charm put into it and NEEDS TO BE POLISHED
      • There needs to be a dedicated team
      • Server needs to have a unique catch, and not be buggy
      • Aim for sustainability w/ no resets, we want this SMP to last
        • If it goes on for too long, new players get dissuaded
      • Assign devs for some custom plugins but not too overreaching
  • We need to run server events related to MC during this time to help with servers being down / worked on
  • Possible server shutdowns
    • We can’t upkeep 4 different servers at the current staffing capacity
    • We have to be realistic with what we can do with the resources we have
  • Network revitalization, things need to be better intertwined into our servers
    • We need to get things like a party / friends system going for example
    • Permissions should be more globally set, e.g donor rank is a mess
  • Lobby rebuild, it’s so bland now
    • Need to bring back the fun challenges
    • Make sure it showcases our community creativity
    • It’s the introduction to our server, has to be eye catching
    • Joining servers needs to be made SUPER easy
  • CA rank needs to be a bigger part of staff motivation
    • Ensure that they are helping everyone
    • Ensure they are helping maintain the direction
    • Ensure they are making sure staff have a healthy relationship with other peers and server work / server play balance
  • Player retention needs to be addressed
    • Every server needs to keep in mind that we need a hook for people to keep playing
    • Staff / players should be encouraged to integrate new players into groups
      • Once again events are vital for this as well
      • Look into some sort of referral system to encourage inviting friends
    • Encourage daily checks somehow possibly? Daily login bonuses, etc
    • Foster a community first, make sure to focus on
  • More fast-paced gameplay servers
    • Need to stress, being unique is key
    • Cookie-cutter servers will not be any good
  • We are NOT replacing all servers or becoming a Hypixel-Clone
    • We need a healthy mix to promote to both communities
    • A lot of our servers are unique, just too slow paced / not up to “2022” standards

Phase 4: Revitalization
Est. time: 2 Weeks & Ongoing (October 1st - Future)
  • Advertising
    • TikTok is important
    • Need to be unique to advertise
    • Need to showcase incentives to pull players from other networks
  • Other Socials
    • Keep them updated, but no need to be main focus
    • Can potentially look for other people to focus on other platforms, but TikTok is hot right now, and reposting them on YT shorts seems like a winner.
  • Hosting Events & Community Meetings
    • This needs to be kept up, it is important for establishing retention within players
  • Encourage staff applications through servers in the means of announcements
    • Also need to encourage staff promotions
  • CA’s NEED to ensure staff motivation stays up, make sure staff are respected
    • Toxicity needs to be clamped down on
    • Toxicity & things like that have led to MANY staff leaving
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