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Jan 13, 2013
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Welcome to EscapeRestarts Monthly Newsletter! This is where we round up everything important that happened in the previous month, so that you all know what is going on and that things are happening. We are going to start off with some general community news below:

Community Revamp / Revitalization Project
If you haven't heard about it yet from our emails, or the forum post - EscapeRestart is undergoing A LOT of changes. These all stem because the community has definitely been in a bit of a lull recently, and I want to pick everything back up with a running start. If you want to read more about the revamp, I recommend reading this thread here and also this thread.

Contributor Role
Have you ever wanted to help with a server, but were unsure if you had the time to dedicate to a full staffing position? Have a unique talent like building, writing, or even organizational skills? Then the Contributor role we have introduced may just be for you!

I'm still not 100% set on the name, but this role is essentially a "Server Helper" role, where users can apply for the server, they want to help in, and be more involved in. This is a great steppingstone for the Moderator position as well, so if you've been unsure about applying for staff - maybe now is the time to give this role a chance!

If you are interested, please fill out this form and make sure you are in our Discord!

Moving From Patreon & Donations
We added Patreon to our donation system a while ago, and while it's been pretty decent for us - once Discord announced they will be releasing something just like it, we figured it was best to just switch over to that as it's one of our main hubs of the community, is more accessible, and generally just has better integrations.

If you were a previous Patreon donor, you will be moved to the "Donor" role - we will be cancelling our Patreon here soon as well, but feel free to cancel your subscription yourself if you want. If you want to support us in a pretty cheap way, the new Discord Premium feature is a great way of doing it! We currently only have one tier at $5/month, but when we have more servers and other things in place, we will be expanding on it a bit more.

While on the topic of donations, moving forward we will most likely be depreciating forum donations and moving to a system that more built for Minecraft. There are a few reasons for this, including better integrations with our servers, and the fact that upkeeping Xenforo is really expensive. Addons get outdated quick, and the donation module is an addon. It's better to move to a system where we know won't randomly die on us. There will be more news about this later, as we aren't too focused on any of this - it's just been in passing discussions.

Weekly Events & Event Managers
Weekly events were always something we wanted to do, but never really had the logistics to do it - luckily since the start of the revamp we have been able to work things around, and weekly events are now here! We've had a handful of events already, including movie nights, a 1.19 hardcore server, and an SCP:SL Server! Make sure you are in our Discord, so you don't miss out on any events! The great thing about these events is that some of them may also tell us how well a permanent server will work.

To help facilitate all these events, we have a new role called Event Manager. These people help organize and manage the ongoing events we hold and are vital for making sure that our weekly events don't fall apart. If you are at all interested in this role, make sure to apply here!

SimpleSMP Closure
SimpleSMP has been around for quite some time, I believe it's one of the longest running SMP's of our community, but unfortunatley it's time has come to be shutdown. While the development of a new Survival takes place, we need to make sure our dedicated server stays clear, and it's also just nice to not have old generally unmaintained servers up on our community.

We will be hosting an event, and you can read more all about the closing event, and official dates - on this thread right here.

1.18 Temp SMP Closed
The 1.18 Temp SMP has been closed, you can view the world download at this site here:

As of right now, we are aiming for a release of the NewSMP in September.

We have decided to go down the MMORPG-style route, with seasons that will reset every X amount of weeks, as well as community-based challenges to unlock content and a class-based system that allows you to benefit from different class bonuses, guilds for hitting personal achievements that unlock special resource areas, a variety of dungeons that offer unique and/or powerful items, bosses to challenge the most skillful players (including low level bosses for those beginners) and a whole lot more. We will release more details over the coming month on what to expect for this server.

As we progress, we will be releasing an "Alpha" version of the server to test plugins and find bugs, if you wish to be a part of this then please message Friendy, Gonkus or Ogarci. There are plenty of discussions going on via our discord, so feel free to jump and give your two cents - or better yet, entertain us with your feedback via our SMP feedback & suggestions form, which will be open for ONE WEEK.



While we are on Phase 3, our Creative server will be undergoing changes to help modernize and refresh the server to be more up to standards of 2022. If you have any suggestions for the server, feel free to leave them on this thread - or join our discord and hop in #creative-discussion for a more active discussion!

Other than that, there have been a few slight changes to the server, but nothing major as of yet.

  • Server is on 1.19
  • Fixed PlotSquared / WorldEdit Bugs
  • Fixed HeadDatabase
  • New Dynmap UI!


Our community Discord has had a huge facelift, you should come check it out! A lot of channels were cleaned up, a new level system was implemented, and so much more. Here's a list of some significant changes:
  • New Self-Roles / Info channel
  • Staff Applications now go through discord, via #apply-to-help
  • New Discord Premium Membership introduced, replacing Patreon
  • Organized gameserver channels
  • New bot that introduces economy, will be expanded on so people can buy cosmetic roles, colours, and more!
  • New Discord games via the bot mentioned above!
  • Level roles have been reset and replaced with brand new roles!
  • Dynmap for SimpleSMP & Creative has been updated and be accessed at
  • World downloads for previous SMPs and servers has now been consolidated and can be accessed at
If you encounter any issues in the server, such as an unsolicited direct message, or if there is a raid currently happening, please do not hesitate to contact the Discord Moderators or RaizzanX and lizthehedgehog. If you encounter any bot related issues, please contact either RaizzanX or lizthehedgehog.

Our level roles are now Minecraft related! You gain experience by being active in the server, via messages! The new ranking system is as follows:
  • Copper - Level 0, the default role
  • Iron - Level 7
  • Gold - Level 15
  • Lapis - Level 25
  • Diamond - Level 45
  • Netherite - Level 100
You'll gain an icon beside your name representing your rank once you hit Gold rank.

  • RaizzanX was promoted to Controller
  • mijomo was promoted to Discord Moderator
  • Congrats
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