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Jan 13, 2013
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Welcome to EscapeRestarts Monthly Newsletter! This is where we round up everything important that happened in the previous month, so that you all know what is going on and that things are happening. We are going to start off with some general community news below:

Rebranding to Blocktopia
We have been called EscapeRestart for a good handful of years now, and while the name is not a bad name by any means - the staff team have all come together and decided to make a community vote to see how everyone feels about going back to the name Blocktopia.

Make sure to check out the thread where we go a bit more into detail, as that is where the current community vote is being held.

Staff Applications
The way we handle staff applications is changing a bit once again. While we were using Discord and it was a fine system, it clogged up the channels a lot. We've decided to move back to the forums, but we are still using a new and updated system.

Now, there are actual forms users can fill out to complete an application. Once you finish an application and submit it, it automagically generates al your questions and answers into a nice thread and posts it. Staff then can decide on their decisions from there.

If you're at all interested, check out our Rank Applications forum!

New Landing Page
One thing we have been missing for quite some time is a landing page for our community. A landing page is a simple, easy to navigate page that players can access to get information super easily.

We hope this landing page helps users find our server IP and Discord Invite more easily, among other things. This will be replacing our base URL at some point, and the forums will reside under /forum/. If you want to take a look around it now though, check out this link!

Donations & Supporting Us
Found some spare change in your couch and are feeling generous? Donate to us to ensure our servers stay up!

You can either donate via the forums on the right-hand side or donate by Subscribing to our Discord Premium role on our Discord for $5/month, and you get rewards in our Discord!

We do plan on shifting from our Forum Donations to a system like Tebex or CraftingStore in the near future, to help implement rewards and roles in-game. If you have previously donated on the forums and have hit the threshold for the donor rank on Forums, you will be grandfathered into this!

Towny SMP & 1.0 Update
We've released a new Towny Survival Server! There's a lot for you to explore and do, and we do plan on maintaining the server until our new SMP releases. Make sure to read a little more about the server and rules on this thread here.

TownySMP has also had its first content update, mainly expanding on the Economy and Exploration part of the server. There are new ways to make money, new ways to spend that money, and much more! Read all about the update on this thread.

Work is still being done on the NewSMP, we have a very small staff team, so progress is a bit slower than anticipated, but everyone is still putting in effort to build the server!


Now that TownySMP has released and had its first update, the Creative server is getting a nice revamp to help modernize things and make the server more enjoyable for players as well. We have a lot of fun things planned, including a new Terrain World, buyable plots, buyable cosmetic prefixes, new building tools, and much more. If you have any suggestions for the server, feel free to leave them on this thread - or join our discord and hop in #creative-discussion for a more active discussion!

Bug-Fixes & Changes
We've knocked out some bugs while working on the update that are already live and added a few smaller things. Here is a list
  • Fixed Achievements Displaying in Chat
  • Removed old plot worlds from Dynmap
  • Updated World GUI
  • Rendered all Dynmaps again
Building Ranks & Aesthetic Requirements
We haven't had a thread explaining to players what we expect for each rank in quite some time, so I decided to work on that a bit as well. We now have a thread that is entirely dedicated to helping players learn what they need to achieve for the next rank, and I encourage everyone to check it out!

I want to release a ton more guides in the future, and this current thread only goes up to Specialist currently, but it will cover all the ranks on our creative server.

Server Rename
Moving forward, the server will now just be called "Creative". No quirky name, nothing punny, nada. I believe having those names hurts us more than does good, especially since new players have no idea what the names will mean generally. We are working on updating all of our resources to reflect this change, so please be patient while we do - and if you come across one we missed, let us know!

We have quite a few changes for our Discord!
  • We have added buyable color roles
  • There is now a Birthday Bot that shares when it is someone's birthday
  • Our staff applications have moved from Discord back to the forums. You can now select the position you want to apply to by visiting our Staff Applications section!
  • We have a live server population tracker! Thank you ayan4m1! It is right at the top of the channel list, under our ip!
  • We added a music bot, FredBoat. You can play music in a voice channel by using ;;play OR by visiting FredBoat's Website. Please note, in order to use the website to add music, you will need to login with your Discord account.

Color Roles
We have buyable color roles now! Type .shop in #bot-spam to see a list of purchasable roles and their prices. 4 Donor colors (Sky, Pumpkin, Clay, and Obsidian) and 4 basic Wool colors are available currently. The Wool color roles are 3,000 Emeralds each and the Donor colors are 15,000 Emeralds each. Donors and Nitro Boosters do not need to buy the Wool colors, they're available to you for free!

To purchase a role, use .buy #, where the # is the position of the color role on the shop list.
For example: .buy 2 will buy the Purple Wool role!
To remove your color role so you can have another color role show, use .iamn role, where the role is the color role you want to remove.
For example: .iamn Purple Wool will remove the Purple Wool role. Please note, you will have to rebuy the role you remove.
All purchases are final. However, if you accidentally remove the wrong role please let lizthehedgehog or RaizzanX know and they will readd the role you want to keep.

To get more Emeralds, be sure to join the conversation in our channels and do .pick code, where the code is what shows up in the top left corner, whenever Emeralds appear! You can also do .timely in our bot channel to get 15 emeralds every 24 hours, or play bot games!

The games include betroll (.betroll), blackjack (.blackjack), rollduel (.rollduel), Rocket-Paperclip-Scissors (.rps), luckyladder (.luckyladder / .lula), animal race (.race to start a race and .jr to join a race), and many more! To see more commands, use .commands to see all the modules and .commands module to see the commands from the particular module. Note: .commands gambling will show you the commands for games that will let you earn Emeralds. .commands games will show you games that do not let you earn Emeralds.

Birthday Role
We also have a Birthday Bot added to our server! You can use /set to go through the process of adding your birthday. Anyone who currently has a birthday will be mentioned in #community-birthdays and will also receive a special cosmetic role for the duration of their birthday!
If you add your birthday, please note that if you're in other Discord servers with the same bot, they will be synced due to it being a public bot.
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