Survival SimpleSMP Content Update #1


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Jan 13, 2013
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SimpleSMP's first Content Update!
Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the new server as much as I'm enjoying playing on it / watching you all play. I feel like the launch was a fairly smooth experience, and I'm super happy with the way things turned out in the past few days since release. I do know there were some things players noticed, like small bugs, and on top of that - some players suggested a few things be added. I hear everyone loud and clear, and I want to try my best at working with players to build up the true experience they want overtime. Please keep in mind that with any update that changes a handful of things majorly, new bugs may appear, or old bugs that were fixed before might pop up again. If that is the case, please make sure you go to and report them there so I can fix them!

Voting Rewards
First of all, just a friendly reminder that not only does voting help us raise our rank in server listings and gain more players - but you also get $100 per site, and $250 for voting on all sites. I have also implemented a few new rewards.

Cumulative Votes
These are reset weekly, and count how many votes you make in a week. If you hit the required goal, you are rewarded.
• 10 Votes = $300
• 15 Votes = $450
• 20 Votes = $600
• 30 Votes = $800
• 35 Votes (Every Day) = $1,250

Vote Party
Vote parties are a collective server goal every day. Everyone who votes at least once will receive an award if it is reached
• 50 Votes (1 Day) = $250, 1 Diamond

PvP Rewards / Incentive
We want to make PvP a bit more exciting and worthwhile so I am adding in some rewards for PvP, and also some cutbacks for dying.

• Players lose $40 on death now
• Players who combatlog lose 10% of their total earnings
• If a player dies by PvP, the player who killed them gets the $40
• Players also get $25 per kill
• Players who are at $150 or less don't lose money
• Kill-Streak rewards at 3, 5, 10, and 15 kills.

Elytra Crafting
With the end disabled (for now ? ) players obviously can't obtain some items, so I've created some recipes so players can craft the items with items obtainable now.

If anyone wants more custom recipes, make sure to make a suggestion!

New Plugins
We have some new plugins for players to play with and hopefully make the QOL a bit better too!

ChatBrawl - Fun chat mini-games that give players rewards upon completion!
BetterBees - This makes managing bees a bit easier, and will be unlocked at the citizen rank
SleepMost - This is to replace our current sleeping plugin, it has an anti-spam feature to make chat less spammy.
Mobs to Eggs - An interesting plugin where you can throw an egg at a mob and have a chance of capturing it. The higher the rank you are, the more deadly mobs you are allowed to capture. Full details in the ranking thread.
Lottery - A global lottery that players can enter, and a winner is chosen at a pre-determined time
TAB - This is replacing our current tab plugin, so we can sort the tab list a bit better and make it not as messy.


• Explorer job rewards were nerfed, users shouldn't be getting insane amounts of money from it now
• Added all the new nether mobs to Hunter.
• Added nether plants / berry bush placing / new flowers to Farmer
• Ranks are now restricted to how many jobs they can join. This will be reflected in the rank thread.
• Nerfed hunter a touch with an idea of mob grinders

• Players should now be able to also have a claim in the nether

• Respawn Protection upped to 30s
• Players who are in respawn protection can't pick up items
• Added a cooldown so players cant toggle PvP right after killing
• Increased new join protection to 15 Minutes
• Increase combat tagger to 30 seconds


• Fixed mobs being no-AI out of spawners
• Fixed jobs missing 1.16 items
• Fixed Sleeping Announcement Spam
• Fixed bodies disappearing (I believe)
• General stability updates​