Survival SimpleSMP Content Update #6 - Halloween Event/Competition, New Mobs, New Shop Items, & More!


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Jan 13, 2013
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SimpleSMP's Sixth (and most spooky) content update: New Mobs, Spooky Bosses, New Shop Items, & More!
It's officialy October! Obviously this means we have to get into the Halloween spirit on SimpleSMP, and I fully intend to deliver that! A new custom world, spooky mobs, bosses, brand new daily shop items, and general stability fixes are coming with this update.

Release Date: Saturday, October 10th, @ 2PM UTC.

New Custom World

Players have unearthed a new mysterious world that unleashed a ton of new mobs and powerful bosses across the overworld. This dangerous world is full of dungeons and loot that will give you a great advantage over others, but it doesn't come with some ease. The mobs hit harder, there are lakes of lava, PvP is constantly enabled, and many other challenges are presented to you in this new world. Will you take the chance and uncover what this new area has to offer?

(Please keep in mind this world is subjection to deletion after Halloween)

Halloween Event & Prizes
This season deserves an event tied to it, so I'm happy to announce SimpleSMP's first public Competition Event!

From now until the end of October, you can build something spooky, scary, or just in general Halloween themed and get a chance to win prizes! You can use any tools that have been provided to you to build. When you finish your build, you can fill out this google form so that we can put it in our sheet for review at the end of the month. Once October ends, staff will judge the builds and rank them based on a point scale. Whoever gets the most points wins.

First Place
+ $25 Steam code
+ 50K in-game money
+ Custom prefix
+ Custom log-in / log-out message
+ Display in spawn

Second Place
+ $10 Steam code
+ 25K in-game money
+ Custom prefix
+ Display in spawn

Third Place
+ 10K in-game money
+ Display in spawn

+ Spookiness will be the main factor for earning points
+ Including a lot of small details can go a long way!
+ Try to stick to one major theme
+ Don't be scared to test your limits!

Spooky Bosses & Mobs
Beware of new mobs and bosses that have appeared in our world. The new world has added multiple custom bosses. You will also come across special mobs that decided to get into the Halloween spirit and dress up, or maybe even pair up with some unlikely buddies to go out for some tricks.

The bosses also have a rare chance of dropping new custom loot that will only be around for the Halloween event, so make sure you are out there hunting!

Daily Shop Refresher
The daily shop has gotten a refresher, new items have appeared in the shop, and the old ones will be discontinued. There will be new custom enchanted items, some new basic items, and also some seasonal spooky items for the month. This will be your last chance to grab anything in the current shop, so make sure you do before the update!

Ghost Scavenger Hunt
Ghosts have seem to have broken through from the new world too, and are now hiding in spawn! There will be multiple ghost heads hidden around spawn, and for each one found you earn a cash prize. If you manage to find them all, you earn a bonus cash prize and a special item that won't be available any other time! These pesky ghosts are hidden everywhere, so make sure to keep your eye out.

Something evil is lurking on SimpleSMP... Make sure to watch your back this month, because he is up to no good at all and wants revenge. Players now have a chance to encounter Herobrine, the classic Minecraft enemy. He will spook you, attack you (but not kill), and will also build temples and pyramids by players - sometimes with ultra-rare loot that has special powers like teleportation, or insta-killing mobs. You may run into signs, books, player heads, and more weird and spooky happenings.

If you think you can take up Herobrine, you can also make a shrine to possibly summon him - but remember, he isn't a cakewalk to manage.

Small QOL Additions
+ When the server restarts (or crashes), you will be auto-reconnected - no more waiting around in lobby. (This goes for all servers)
+ Renowned can now create fake animals for lead decor (example)
+ Using crafting tables, furnaces, etc will now be visualized to others (example)
+ Updated to 1.16.3
+ Using chat words like [item], [inv], etc will now show up in discord (example)
+ Custom bell recipe (image)
+ Custom Cobweb recipe
+ Quartz block can be smelted back into 4 quartz
+ Custom shaped nether portals can now be made

Balancing & Bug Fixes
+ Fixed bug with death chests, no more dupes and they are re-enabled
+ Fixed some bugs with PyroFishing
+ Updated plugins for stability
+ Removed curse of contagion due to bug of it spreading way too fast​
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