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Jan 13, 2013
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SimpleSMP has a ton of features that players can explore, while the base core of the game is still there. If you want a cohesive list of everything you can do on SimpleSMP, along with commands - then this is the place for you! If you need any clarification, feel free to leave a reply below.

All plugins will also be linked, so if you want further research into something - you are free too and can easily do so. Just click the title and it will bring you to the page!

Basic Commands
When you join the server, there are some very basic but useful commands you should learn and know. You can view all of them here.
/wild - TP's you randomly
/warps - Brings up the warp GUI
/tpa - Request to teleport to someone
/help - brings up a GUI with a ton of info to help a user
/balance - Prints out your current balance
/pay <player> <amount> - Pays the specified player a specified amount of money

Donor Commands
Donators get some special commands and perks on SimpleSMP, check them out below.
/setloginmessage - Sets your login message, accepts colour codes
/setlogoutmessage - Sets your logout message, accepts colour codes
/chatcolor - Sets your chat color (do not use jarbled text or hard to read colours)
/nickname - Sets your nickname (do not use jarbled text or hard to read colours)
/setwarp - Sets a public warp, donors get one
/hdb - Donors get free access to all heads in Head Database
/ast - Donors can edit ArmorStands easily with this command
/hat - Places an item in your hand on your head
/sj create - Run this while looking at a jukebox to create one that can play custom music!

Elite Mobs
EliteMobs is our custom mobs plugin. It features a ton of custom mobs with a ton of powers, including bosses. It features its own economy and custom world too, where you can level up your Elite Rank, purchase new Elite Items, and sell ones you don't want anymore. There isn't many commands you need to know for this one, the most important thing to remember is that the Adventurers Guild world has all the NPC's for you to level up, sell, and buy items.
/ag - Teleports you to the Adventurers Guild, where you can buy, and sell items. You can also level up here.
/em - Boss Tracker / Stat Tracker for EliteMobs

Custom Recipes

Jobs is one of the main ways to earn money to purchase other things on the server. There are a handful of different jobs to choose from, and you can easily see what jobs are available within a GUI in-game. You can level up your job, which earns you more money and XP total for the actions. As you rank up, you are allowed to join more jobs, but keep in mind that the more jobs you join in total, the less you gain overall across the board.
/jobs toggle actionbar/bossbar - Switch between payout message being on Action Bar or Bossbar
/jobs browse - Open up a GUI that has all the jobs listed with info.
/jobs gtop - View the global leaderboard for Jobs Level
/jobs stats - Shows statistics about your current jobs
/jobs bonus - Shows current job bonuses
/jobs join <jobname> - Join a job manually

PvP Arena / Duels
Our PvP Arena allows you to duel against other players, you can even do 3v3's! If there is no one on, you can even go up against bots for practice. The PvP arena is located right by spawn, and you can get to it easily by doing /warp PvP.
/duel <player> - Send a duel request to a player
/duelbot - Open the GUI for dueling bots
/duel accept - Accept a duel invitation
/duel decline - Deny a duel invitiation
/duel leave - Leave a current duel
/duel claim - Claim duel rewards after a bets game
/duelstats <player> - View duel stats of a player

Chest Shops
Players are able to create chest shops to sell and buy items. It's a relatively simple process, and is super easy to get started!
Place a chest on the ground
Hit the chest with the item you want to sell
Type in the price for the item in chat
Fill the chest with the items you wish to sell
/qs buy - Change the chest you are looking at to buy type
/qs sell - Change the chest you are looking at to sell type
/qs price <price> - Set the price of the shop you are looking at
/qs find <item> - Find an item in shops
/qs create - Create a shop without touching a chest
/qs delete - Delete a shop
/qs staff add <player> - Add a staff member to your shop
/qs staff del <player> - Delete a staff member from your shop
/qs staff clear - Clear all staff members from a shop
/qs staff list - List all staff members of a shop

Custom Enchants
SimpleSMP has 56 additional enchantments on top of the vanilla ones, and thats not counting the ones from EliteMobs either! We also have a custom level system, where users are able to achieve level 50 enchants again. There aren't many commands you need to know here, but keep in mind that the GUI's for Anvils, Enchantment Tables, and Grindstones are now fully custom! They all work essentially the same way, but they have a few QOL features or just expand on the vanilla experience. You can obtain these enchantments by villager trading, chests, fishing, and random chance via enchantment table.
Angler (Fishing Rod Enchantment): Catch an additional fish per level.
Armored (Elytra Enchantment): Adds armor points to Elytra.
Beheading (Sword Enchantment): Adds a chance to drop mob heads on death.
Brine (Sword Enchantment): Doubles damage if opponent is at half health or less.
Butcher (Sword Enchantment): Earn additional meat from killing mobs (Conflicts with Looting and Husbandry)
Curse of Contagion (Everything Enchantment): Spreads curses to items. (Conflicts with Curse of Stagnancy)
Curse of Exhaustion (Everything Enchantment): Causes more exhaustion for Minecraft actions.
Curse of Lag (Tools and Weapons Enchantment): Laggggg.
Curse of Stagnancy (Everything Enchantment): Enchantments can no longer be added or modified on this item except for removed on the Grindstone (Conflicts with Curse of Contagion)
Detonator (Bow and Crossbow Enchantment): Explosions on arrow impact. Decreases creeper activation time. (Conflicts with Hollow Point).
Drowned (Trident Enchantment): Drowns non-water mobs for a short time.
Exp. Share (Tools/Weapons Enchantment): Increased experience drop from killing mobs and breaking blocks (Conflicts with Recycler)
Flower Gift (Hoe Enchantment): Right click flowers to drop flowers. (Conflicts with Gold Digger and Soul Reaper).
Force Feed (Everything Enchantment): Equipped items will repair themselves using the hunger bar (Conflicts with Mending and Sticky Hold)
Frequent Flyer (Elytra Enchantment): Gives player creative flight at cost of durability. (Conflicts with Icarus).
Fried (Fishing Rod Enchantment): All caught fish are automatically cooked.
Gold Digger (Hoe Enchantment): Drop gold and experience when breaking cropsand nether warts. (Conflicts with Flower Gift and Soul Reaper).
Gung Ho (Chestplate Enchantment): Halves health but triples attack damage. (Conflicts with Life).
Hard Bounce (Shield Enchantment): Projectiles hitting the shield will bounce away at a faster rate. (Conflicts with Iron Defense).
Height++ (Tools Enchantment): Increases block break radius in the up/down direction.
Hollow Point (Bow and Crossbow Enchantment): Deals more damage to armored opponents. Can deal damage to Endermen and shielded Withers. (Conflicts with Detonator).
Husbandry (Sword Enchantment): Gives chance to spawn a baby animal when killing animals (Conflicts with Looting and Butcher)
Icarus (Elytra Enchantment): Flying upwards will increase velocity. (Conflicts with Frequent Flyer).
Irene's Lasso (Carrot on a Stick Enchantment): Grab animals to place elsewhere. (Conflicts with Wand).
Iron Defense (Shield Enchantment): Shield absorbs percentage of damage when not blocking. (Conflicts with Hard Bounce).
Knock Up (Swords Enchantment): Knocks opponent into the air on hit. (Conflicts with Knockback).
Life (Chestplate Enchantment): Increases maximum health when worn. (Conflicts with Gung Ho).
Light Weight (Boots Enchantment): Prevents trampling crops (Conflicts with Feather Falling)
Magic Guard (Shield Enchantment): Negative potion effects removed when in offhand.
Magma Walker (Boots Enchantment): Turns lava into magma for a short time when walking near it. (Conflicts with Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Void Walker).
Moisturize (Shears enchantment): Add moisture to blocks, waterlogging or changing certain block types.
No Rest (Helmet Enchantment): Sleep time constantly reset to 0, causing no phantoms to spawn. (Conflicts with Unrest).
Overkill (Bow Enchantment): Shoots arrows in inventory from bow on left click.
Pillage (Crossbow Enchantment): Increase drops from killed mobs.
Pushback (Shield Enchantment): When blocking, knocks back melee-using damaging mobs
Quick Strike (Axes and Swords Enchantment): Speeds up charge time. (Conflicts with Sharpness, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Fire Aspect, and Shock Aspect).
Recycler (Sword and Axe Enchantment): Common loot drops will turn into experience (Conflicts with Exp. Share)
Sacrifice (Chestplate Enchantment): Damages mob that killed you based on your experience level.
Sand Veil (Hoe enchantment): Lowers accuracy of attacked entity's hits.
Shock Aspect (Axes Enchantment): Chance to strike attacked mobs with lightning. (Conflicts with Quick Strike).
Smeltery (Tools Enchantment): Smelt broken items. (Conflicts with Silk Touch).
Sniper (Trident/Bow Enchantment): Increased projectile speed.
Soulbound (Everything Enchantment): Keep item on death. (Conflicts with Curse of Vanishing).
Soul Reaper (Hoe Enchantment): Has a large chance for killed player to drop Soulbound items. (Conflicts with Flower Gift and Gold Digger).
Splatter Fest (Hoe Enchantment): Shoots eggs in inventory from hoe on left click.
Sticky Hold (Everything Enchantment): When the item breaks, it will turn into a stick which can be repaired back into the item (Conflicts with Mending and Force Feed)
Stone Throw (Crossbow Enchantment): Does more damage to flying mobs.
Tank (Armor Enchantment): Increased durability.
Telepathy (Tools Enchantment): All mined blocks go straight into your inventory.
Toughness (Armor Enchantment): Adds armor toughness to armor.
Transmutation (Trident Enchantment): Turns mob loot into sea-based loot.
Unrest (Helmet Enchantment): Gives night vision but phantoms will always spawn at night around you.
Void Walker (Boots Enchantment): Spawns obsidian in air blocks to help players cross the void. (Conflicts with Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Magma Walker).
Wand (Carrot on a Stick Enchantment): Place blocks from offhand in a radius. (Conflicts with Irene's Lasso).
Warp (Leggings Enchantment): Gives chance to teleport you away from damage.
Width++ (Tools Enchantment): Increases block break radius in the left/right direction.
/enchantinfo - Gives information about the selected enchantment
/rpgtop - Shows the players with the highest ESRPG Level
/rpgstats <player> - Shows ESRPG stats for other players
/esrpg - Displays RPG level screen

Minions can do all the hard work for you whilst you go out and do other things! Minions can mine, kill, chop weed, farm, and much much more! Once you buy a minion, all you have to do is place it where you want it to do the work, and it starts going! You can right click it with food to feed it, and if you right click it without anything in hand you will open the GUI to manage and upgrade your minions. There is really only one command you need to know with minions, whats important is when you unlock them and how many you can own.
/minion store - Opens up the store for Minions
Exalted - 1 Minion
CEO - 2 Minions
Royal - 3 Minions
Omniscient - 4 Minions

Land Claiming
To protect your stuff, we offer a way of claiming chunks. As you rankup, you unlock more chunks that you can claim overall. You are able to control many things in your chunks, like leaf-decay, tnt damage, and other things. You can also trust and add players to your land. You also don't really need to remember many commands, because a vast majority of commands can be run in the GUI that the plugin offers.
/lands menu - Open up the GUI menu, which contains a majority of the listed commands below
/lands menu here - Same as above, but in the chunk you are standing in
/lands accept <land> - Accept a land invite
/lands chat <land> <message> - Chat in your lands chat
/lands claim - Claim a chunk for your land
/lands create <name> - Create a new land
/lands delete - Delete a land claim
/lands deny - Deny a lands invite
/lands deposit <land> <amount> - Deposit a specified amount into your lands bank
/lands edit <land> - Select a specific land to edit
/lands invites - View all your lands invites
/lands leave <land> - Leave the specified land
/lands map - Show lands map
/lands rename <land> <new name> - Rename the specified land
/lands selection - Select a region for actions like /lands claim
/lands setrole <player> <role> - Set a role of a player
/lands setspawn <land> - Set the spawn of the specified lan
/lands spawn <land> - TP to the specified lands spawn
/lands top - View the top lands
/lands trust <player> <land> - Add a player to your land claim
/lands untrust <player> <land> - Remove a player from your land claim
/lands view - Visualize land borders
/lands withdraw <land> <amount> - Withdraw a specified amount of money from your lands bank
/lands taxes - View upcoming lands tax payments

# of Chunks - This is how many chunks a user can claim under a certain rank.
# of Lands - This is how many lands a player can own - essentially, once a player can own two - they get double the chunks.
# of Supportive Chunks - This is how many chunks a person adds at a certain rank, if they join a current claim

Custom Fishing
The fishing on SMP is completely custom, and features a ton of things to make it a lot more fun and entertaining overall. You are able to catch and sell brand new fish, make new rods with augments, gut and scale fish for better rewards, and even do delivery missions! This plugin is also mainly GUI driven also, so you don't need to remember too much!
/fish - Brings up the basic help menu
/fish menu - Brings up the main fishing menu, which also contains all other GUI's.
/fish codex - Brings up the fishing codex
/fish shop - Brings up the shop
/fish scales - Brings up the scales GUI
/fish bag - Brings up the Fish Bag GUI
/fish gut - Brings up the Gutting GUI
/fish deliveries - Brings up the Deliveries GUI
/fish augment - Brings up the Augment GUI
/fish augments - Lists all available augments
/ft - Base command for tournaments
/ft info - Shows info on the current tournament
/ft types - Lists all types of tournaments available

Chest & Inventory Sorting / Chest Dumping
Ever felt super lazy? Wanted to just dump everything into the nearest chest without a worry? Or is your inventory always unorganized, along with your chests and you can never keep track of them? We offer a solution for this! With a few simple commands you can easily auto-sort your inventory and chests, or do it manually. You can also dump items into the nearest chest!
Chest & Inventory Sorting
/sort - Toggle automatic chest sorting
/sort on | off - Enable/Disable automatic sorting
/sort hotkeys - Open the hotkeys GUI to enable/disable hotkeys
/sort help - Display help about chest sorting
/invsort - Sort your inventory
/invsort hotbar - Sort your hotbar
/invsort all - Sort the players inventory and hotbar
/invsort toggle - Toggle automatic inventory sorting
/invsort on | off - Enable/Disable automatic inventory sorting
/invsort help - Display help about inventory sorting

Chest Dumping
/unload - Unloads inventory in a 10 block radius
/unload hotbar - Unloads just your hotbar in a 10 block radius
/dump - same as /unload
/dump hotbar - same as /unload hotbar
/search <item> - Searches for items in nearby chests
/blacklist <add/remove> <items> - Adds/removes items to your personal blacklist. These items won't be unloaded / dumped.

Armored Elytras
Armored Elytras give your elytra an item health buff so that they don't degrade as quickly. There are no commands for this, and all you have to do is simply combine an Elytra & Chestplate in an anvil. This will create an armored elytra that you can equip just like a normal one. The only thing that stops you is there are some rank requirements for each tier of armored elytra. You can view them below.
Tycoonist - Leather
Magnate - Chain / Gold
Royal - Iron
Epic - Diamond
Omniscient - Netherite

Beacon Plus
BeaconPlus is an enhancement to Minecraft's original beacons. It features a ton of cool custom perks that you can purchase and unlock. There are no commands a user needs to know for this, all you need to do is place down a beacon and right-click like normal! You do not have these perks right away though, and you only unlock them once you reach the Citizen rank.
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