Community Staff Changes + The Future of EscapeRestart

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Jan 13, 2013
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Introduction / Meeting about the future of EscapeRestart

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of recent posts. I have a new addition in my family now, and he can be quite a handful sometimes.

The staff got together a few days ago and had a long talk about who wants to do what, where we wanted to go in the future, and many other things. We had a really healthy and productive discussion, and are now wanting to move forward with some of our plans that we have set in stone. This includes asking the players how you feel about things, the directions we are going, and involving you in the process the entire way. We also are going to increase the transparency we have about updates of our servers and other services - including more thorough update logs, and more frequent player / staff interaction.

We have also begun work on a new and improved lobby. Swift has taken the lead in this charge and we will have something cooking up for you soon! If you haven't yet, make sure you join our discord at too, as we are voting on RoF ideas and need all the feedback we can get!

We currently have a community meeting planned tomorrow, but are still not sure about the time. Please vote below to choose the best time for you. If there isn't enough votes by tomorrow morning we will just go with 9PM GMT.

Staff Changes

Now, moving onto staff. During our meeting, we had a handful of promotions given to reduce the workload of some other staff and to give some other servers more directive. They are as the following

Community Admin
ComputerGuy - Technical Lead
Robo - Stepped down to RoF Admin from CA

Robo - RoF Admin
Refrigerated_Elements - RoF Admin
Swift - Blocktopia Admin
Gonkus - Simple SMP Admin
Rune - Simple SMP Admin

Head Advertiser

mijomo - Passed SMP Trial
Minecraftnerd - Passed SMP / RoF Trial
lizthehedgehog - RoF Mod

We will also be demoting any inactive staff members. We do not have a full list at the current time and haven't gone through with any of them, but are planning on doing so soon most likely with the next upcoming community news.

Community Events

As many of you know, Swift is hosting many events throughout the months so we can all come together and game a bit more. While Swift can pick and choose games of his own, its always better for the community to help decide. If you have any ideas about what kind of events you want to see, please DM Swift on either Discord or the forums. It helps him a lot and lets us host even more games as we gather more ideas.

We are going to start working on advertising more as we get to fixing up the servers and pushing more updates out. Digi has picked up the role as head advertiser. If you are wanting to help out with advertising, whether it is content making, social media management, or anything else you think could be useful to get our community out there - feel free to DM myself (Hex), or Digi. We can get you setup / in the right direction.

We also have a TikTok now, go follow it!