Survival Temp 1.19 Towny SMP Release Date Announcement!


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Jan 13, 2013
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Release Date: August 13th 2022, @ 7PM UTC
I know a lot of you were very happy about the event SMP and saddened to know that it wasn't exactly a long running SMP. That's why we have decided to run a temp SMP until our current SMP is up and running. This isn't a super advanced SMP by any means, but it has basic functions and is built around towny - a plugin that encourages community-built towns. There is also going to be a few other neat features to keep players occupied though, more info will be coming with the official release thread.

The full list of comprehensive rules will be released with the official release thread, but as always make sure you are following our community guidelines.

Note about 1.19 Hardcore Event
If you're wondering why the event just didn't become a new temporary server, that's because it really just wasn't ever made to be a temporary server. I set a deadline that I already extended a bit, and was clear it was an event with a certain time-limit. I know it was a short run, but we want to try out a lot of different events so I'd rather not just move an event into a temp-SMP status. There was also problems like I made the world border quite large not expecting to keep it around, hardcore is a somewhat niche category of enjoyment, and more.

We will be releasing a world download for the event, if anyone is interested in that. The event will be shutting down on the release of the 1.19 Towny Server.

Note about updates / maintaining
Since this is a temporary SMP, this will not have a ton of updates or maintaining - but if players feel they want something really bad, or there is a major bug, I will try my best to fix it / add it. Overall, my main goal for this SMP is just to have something our community can enjoy while we await our next big SMP. I'm looking forward to seeing ya'll play on the new temp SMP.