Survival TownySMP 1.0 Update - Exploration & Economy


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Jan 13, 2013
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Note: Server will be closed on Tuesday, August 23rd @ 5 - 8PM UTC for the update.
Welcome everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying the TownySMP. It's definitely got a few tweaks, but hopefully a lot of them will be addressed here. This update is themed around Exploration and Economy, as per the title. I have a handful of new features coming to the server, so lets break them down below!

Introducing a new way to make money, Jobs! By default, players can select one job to start with and level up. You can access the jobs menu by typing /jobs in-game.

Jobs Menu
As you rank up, you will be able to join more jobs consecutively, as a way to earn more money. Your pets can also earn you money if they fit the bill, like killing mobs! You will also gain access to money boosts as you rank up, so you get more money from jobs!

There may be some tweaks to payouts as we move forward with this plugin to ensure balancing is alright, but for now I'm quite confident in the pricing and payouts. You can view the rank benefits below as well!

Sheep - 1 Job
Pig - 10% Job Money Boost
Cow - 2 Jobs
Skeleton - 4 Jobs
Blaze - 25% Job Money Boost
Warden - 6 Jobs
A new fun way to not only extend gameplay on the server but earn money, players can now do quests! Head to spawn, and right by the well there is a new Quest NPC! Click him and he will give you quests that you can accept.

Main Quests GUI
There are currently 16 Categories, with over 1,000 Quests for players to complete! There are also quests that are conditional, so you have to complete others before you can start that one.

Example of Quests​

As you rankup, you will be able to have more "active" quests at one time as well, so they will be easier to complete. Happy questing!

Remember SimpleSMP Minions? Well they are making a comeback, but a bit more refined thanks to me being able to learn a lot from SimpleSMP! You can access the Minion Shop by doing /minion!

Minions Shop GUI
There are various minions to help assist you in farming and gathering items, even minions to feed your other minions! You can either feed your minions with food, or by paying a price using our economy. As you rankup, you will be able to place down more minions and you can view your limit by hovering over your playerhead in the store at the bottom.

Look at my little guy go!
Minions also have upgrade paths (Up to Level 10) so there is a lot of room for improvement and grinding. By default, you can't access the minion shop until Zombie rank - so make sure to rank up to gain access to these little helpers!

PlayerShops Searching
Using warps seem to not be ideal for Playershops, so now I'm adding in a system where you are able to search across all player shops for items to buy or sell.

Once you reach the Sheep rank, just run the command /finditem to look for the item you want! an example command would be if I wanted to buy some steak, I would run /finditem TO_BUY steak.
Hopefully this helps enxourage player shop activity a bit more, as there isn't a centralized player shop like SimpleSMP had.

World-Border Expansion, More Structures & Dynmap
The world is still feeling a bit bleak, and players have noticed quite quickly that the world border was a tad bit small (5,500 Blocks). With this new update, we're expanding the World Border to 10,500 Blocks so there is much more to explore, and on top of that there are new custom structures that will generate outside of the world border to encourage players to check out the new generation!

On top of that, we are finally introducing a dynmap for the server! Now you can view the entire map in all its glory. This won't reveal player locations at all, but things like towns should also pop up on the map. I'll update with the link when the update goes live.

Vote Pinata Party
Voting rewards are fun, but what's even more fun is a Voting Pinata! Now, when the server reaches a collective total of 100 Votes (which should be achievable), a special Llama will spawn in the Spawn world, and players can hit it with special items like a Stick to get prizes!

Look at that boi​

Please note that the prizes / vote amount are subject to change, as we work on tweaking some things - but the llama is here to stay!

Bug-Fixes / Small Additions
Of course, this update comes with a handful of bug-fixes as well that have been reported by players.
  • Fixed Mob Spawn Rates (Notme)
  • Towny Tags not showing up in tab
  • /pets menu was finished (Notme) (Thanks Friendy for fixing it!)
  • /ranks menu was finished
  • Added 1.17+ Blocks to mcMMO (Notme)
  • Tweaked mcMMO EXP / Skills (Notme)
  • Fixed player ranks now showing above heads
  • Tweaked rank prefixes & colours
I'm sure there's some things that were tweaked that I also missed, but this update definitely has a bit packed into it. A lot of these were features I wanted but never got around to in time for release, so I apologize if the economy appeared to be a bit slow at first!

I do plan on continuing with updates, the next one probably being around the fall season - so keep your eyes out! Hope ya'll will enjoy the update.