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Jan 13, 2013
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Welcome to EscapeRestart's New Lobby!

I have been silently working on something behind the scenes for quite some time and I'm finally ready to release it! New secrets, features, challenges, ways to pass time, & more are coming in this update. There are also of course - a ton of bug fixes! Here are some highlights of the new lobby. We have been using our current lobby for a long time now, and I figured it'd be a nice breath of fresh air to release something new to join to.

Bedrock Integration

We are testing a new proxy that allows users who are on bedrock editions (Windows 10, Switch, Mobile, Xbox, & PS4) to join our servers. Please keep in mind this is experimental, and anyone who joins with their bedrock clients may experience some glitches.

What this means is that bedrock users can fully enjoy our servers, and it can also open up our servers to a lot more people.
If you are curious about trying this out, all you need to do is launch up your bedrock version of MC, go over to servers, and enter lobby.escaperestart.com - our normal IP. You should be able to join after that!

If you come across any problems, please leave a bug report under our bug reports subforum so we can address the devs about it. Please note that while it is not needed, it is highly recommended you join our servers on the latest version of Minecraft (1.16.2).

Leaderboards Revamped

The voting leaderboard in the old lobby was pretty glitchy, and never really seemed to cooperate how I wanted it too. It broke multiple times before I finally decided to ditch the idea for the time being.

Now, I am happy to introduce a working leaderboard! We currently have two leaderboards in our lobby, one that records Monthly Votes and resets every month, and another that records your all-time playtime across all our servers on our network. There are 3 slots in each category for a user to compete for. Keep an eye out for more leaderboards as we work toward implementing new things on our servers too!

New Ways To Join our Servers!

Signs are so 2017! Now when you join our lobby, you will be presented not only with NPC's right in your face that you are able to click on to transfer to the server you want, but you also now spawn in with a Nether Star in your hotbar that you can click to pull up a GUI that has buttons for all of our current servers! Hopefully, this not only makes seeing all of our servers easier and less disorienting (don't have to spin around all over), and its easier to access everything. The ways of joining a server now includes:

Commands (/blocktopia, /aod)
NPC's (Right Click)
Server GUI (Click Server Selector)

Fun new Mini-Games!

Waiting for a server to startup, or a friend to join so you can finally play some lava survival together? No longer will you just have to AFK in lobby. I am introducing new mini-games to the server! First, there is an all new parkour - it generates right in front of you, and as you complete more and more successful jumps - the difficulty will be increased. Compete for the top spot on the parkour leaderboard, and be known as the best. You can access the new parkour by turning around when you spawn and clicking on the NPC.

I've also introduced a new thing called Pocket Games! You can access these by simply typing /pg in chat. This plugin offers a slew of classic games re-imagined in Minecraft, including ones like Snake, 2048, Flappy Bird, Dino Run, & more! Anyone can use these at anytime, so hop in anytime and you can work toward beating your highscore!​
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