Lava Survival Lava Survival is Back! (For an event)

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Lava Survival Event!

Hey fellow Blocktopians!

As an end of year special event, we're bringing back Lava survival! All your favourite maps are there, and updated to 1.19 so you can use all the latest blocks! Check /meltable list in game for a full list. We'll be opening our doors at 8pm UTC on Saturday 17th December. You can convert to your timezone here.

While a re-release of a lava survival server was deprioritised over the summer, there had been a lot of work put into the server at that point, and we had a lot of requests to bring it back. So while it may not be the full release, I hope you all have a blast!

The server will be up until at least into the new...
Lava Survival Event!.

Community EscapeRestart Community News 310 - August Recap

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Welcome to EscapeRestarts Monthly Newsletter! This is where we round up everything important that happened in the previous month, so that you all know what is going on and that things are happening. We are going to start off with some general community news below:

Rebranding to Blocktopia
We have been called EscapeRestart for a good handful of years now, and while the name is not a bad name by any means - the staff team have all come together and decided to make a community vote to see how everyone feels about going back to the name Blocktopia.

Make sure to check out the thread where we go a bit more into detail, as that is where the current community vote is being held.


Community The Big Question: Should We Go Back to Blocktopia?

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After discussing between our administrator team, we have decided to ask the community how they feel on going back to the name Blocktopia for our community. We also brought this up to controllers, and the general consensus was a yes, but we also want to ask the community on how they feel. We already currently own the correct domain to make this process possible as a safeguard, but it does not mean we have a solid decision.

The thing about the name EscapeRestart is it is essentially synonymous with our failed rebrand and expansion into other games. While the name isn't exactly a bad name, it's definitely one that has some controversy tied around it.

Not only that, but since we are planning on sticking to Minecraft the name "EscapeRestart" just doesn't make too much sense, as it has no relations to Minecraft in anyway. Another thing I noticed...

Survival TownySMP 1.0 Update - Exploration & Economy

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Note: Server will be closed on Tuesday, August 23rd @ 5 - 8PM UTC for the update.
Welcome everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying the TownySMP. It's definitely got a few tweaks, but hopefully a lot of them will be addressed here. This update is themed around Exploration and Economy, as per the title. I have a handful of new features coming to the server, so lets break them down below!

Introducing a new way to make money, Jobs! By default, players can select one job to start with and level up. You can access the jobs menu by typing /jobs in-game.

Jobs Menu
As you rank up, you will be able to join more jobs consecutively, as a way to earn more money. Your pets can also earn you money if they fit the bill, like killing mobs...

Information Towny Survival Server - Release Information

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Welcome to EscapeRestart's Towny SMP! Towny is a survival experience that encourages players to build up towns to protect themselves and their land. This is a fairly laid-back survival experience, but there's a ton of things for players to do, explore, and grind!


  • Griefing / Stealing is allowed when it isn't claimed
    • While you can, please don't utterly destroy / decimate - do what you need to take the items and leave.
  • PvP is allowed outside of unclaimed areas
  • Towns cannot steal / raid / kill each other unless established enemies
  • Please keep chat respectful
  • Make sure you are following our Community Guidelines / TOS
  • Constant harassment of specific players / groups is not allowed...

Survival Temp 1.19 Towny SMP Release Date Announcement!

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Release Date: August 13th 2022, @ 7PM UTC
I know a lot of you were very happy about the event SMP and saddened to know that it wasn't exactly a long running SMP. That's why we have decided to run a temp SMP until our current SMP is up and running. This isn't a super advanced SMP by any means, but it has basic functions and is built around towny - a plugin that encourages community-built towns. There is also going to be a few other neat features to keep players occupied though, more info will be coming with the official release thread.

The full list of comprehensive rules will be released with the official release thread, but as always make sure you are following our community guidelines.

Note about 1.19 Hardcore Event
If you're wondering why the event just...

Minecraft SimpleSMP Closing Event

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Date: August 7th, 2022 @ 8PM UTC
Event Details

It's finally time to say goodbye to one of our longest running SMP's. We will be celebrating by doing the classic, blowing everything up!

When you join the server on August 7th, you will have the ability to set your own gamemode, enter creative, and use whatever blocks / items you want! Always wanted to blow up that on persons base who stole your sheep? Now is the time to do that!

We will also just be hanging out on our Discord, talking about old memories from the server, and if anything else pops up we will lead with that as well! This is definitely a more laid-back event, but I hope ya'll can enjoy the final moments with SimpleSMP.

Closing Statement

SimpleSMP was really fun to make, and I'm really happy that so many people enjoyed the server - albeit its shortcomings. I learned a lot of...

Community EscapeRestart Community News 309 - July Recap

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Welcome to EscapeRestarts Monthly Newsletter! This is where we round up everything important that happened in the previous month, so that you all know what is going on and that things are happening. We are going to start off with some general community news below:

Community Revamp / Revitalization Project
If you haven't heard about it yet from our emails, or the forum post - EscapeRestart is undergoing A LOT of changes. These all stem because the community has definitely been in a bit of a lull recently, and I want to pick everything back up with a running start. If you want to read more about the revamp, I recommend reading this thread here and also...

Discord Studio Ghibili Movie Night

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Since the 1.19 Hardcore Event is still currently ongoing, we will be going with a more laid-back event this week, which will be another movie night! Come kick back, grab some popcorn, and come enjoy one of the movies we vote on with the community! This will be hosted on our Discord in a voice chat, so please make sure you are in our Discord so you don't miss it! You can also check your interest for the event here!

Event Date: July 30th, 2022 @ 6PM UTC

We will be voting on 3 movies, all made by Studio Ghibili to watch during the event. These are...

Survival SimpleSMP Closure & TBD Event

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Goodbye old friend...
SimpleSMP has been running for quite some time now, and at this point a good portion of that time has been spent unmaintained / updated. I think it's a pretty good time to close it down, especially because there is a new SMP being worked on, and we will be having events to hold off until the servers come to fruition. There's no point in keeping it up at this point now, and I'm sure mostly everyone agrees with me. Heres the details:


I will be shutting down SimpleSMP on August 6th, just so I can save backups of everything permanently before the closing event. The server will remain open to the public up until that point, so feel free to do anything you've felt you need to do now. I will be releasing a world download once I get everything backed up as well, so don't worry about you losing builds or anything - everything will ultimately be there...

Minecraft With Consequences: Fresh Take on Hardcore Survival

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Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful day - I'm happy to announce our first Minecraft Event server since our new Weekly events initiative, With Consequences. This takes Hardcore Survival and adds a few twists to it to make it just a bit harder and make it a bit more fun on the replayability scale. Let's get into the specifics!

  • Every time you die, you lose one (1) heart permanently.
    • If you have more than one (1) heart on death, you will respawn.
    • Once you lose all of your hearts, you are banned from the server for 24 Hours.
      • Upon re-joining, if it is still ongoing, you will be back at...

Creative Creative Server Feedback / Suggestions

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As we begin to move on to Phase 3 and the SMP team works on SMP, I will be working on slightly updating and modernizing our Creative server. Fortunately, I've already done a lot of work on the server in the past few years, along with the help from other staff so there isn't much that has to be done. I still want to take this as an opportunity to make the server better, more engaging, welcoming, and fun for players though. I'm going to detail a few things below where I think the Creative server could shine a bit better, feel free to make suggestions on what you feel you can in the comments below.

You can also
join our Discord and be in more active discussions using the #creative-discussion channel!

If you are at all interested in helping with the creative server, whether that be as a Server Moderator...

Information EscapeRestart Events - Join Us!

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While we have our main Minecraft servers, we host a ton of events, from special Minecraft servers to other games, and even movie nights! We try and plan events weekly for the community to join in and get together to have fun together. There's always something for somebody going on, so make sure to come check them out!

Event Calendar

Most of our events are hosted on our Discord, and that is also where you can find our Event Calendar! It's located on the top of our channel list and is pretty hard to miss! This wonderful calendar will tell you about all our upcoming events, and all you have to do is click on it to learn more! If there is an event that is upcoming, it will display it as a banner.

Movie Nights / Voice Chat


Community Forums Update & Start of Phase 3

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Hello everyone, I'm back with some more updates! This time is more about our Forums than anything, but also pretty much concludes the end of Phase 2 of our commitment plan. Let's dig into the details!

Forum Updates

The forums were looking a bit dated (again) but really just needed some light TLC to get things back up to normal. Honestly, the forums aren't a huge priority anymore considering Discord is definitely our main hub, but I still think it has it's uses, and it is looking nice is ideal for our community.
  • Forum Theme
    • NavBar was cleaned / tidied up
    • User login / alerts was moved to NavBar
    • Logo & Search Centered
    • Sub-Forums viewable on nodes
    • Icons were updated for certain items
    • New Logo / FavIcon
  • Node...

Other SCP Secret Labs Event Server!

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SCP Secret Laboratory Event Server


The event will start on
Sunday, 17 July 2022, 20:00 UTC (Click here for a timezone conversion)

This week's event server will be SCP Secret Laboratory!

Amidst the chaos of a disastrous mass containment failure at the supposed “master site” Site-02, you fight to the top alongside and against other players. From devious D-Class and cunning scientists to elite Mobile Task Force units (MTF), rebellious Chaos Insurgency (CI), and even the horrific SCP Entities, there are many vital roles to play in this gruesome affair. So... How will you...

Discord Discord Updates & Leaving Patreon

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Join Our Discord!

Leaving Patreon

Around 2016-2017, we started using Patreon as another way to support the server. Patreon if you don't know, is a subscription based donation site, that you essentially "subscribed" to monthly to support our community and help pay for our dedicated server + forum hosting.

While Patreon helped us for a while, the activity on it has gone down a bit, and there is now a new exciting Discord feature we get to test out to replace it! We will be phasing out Patreon in the near future, but not right now - so anyone who is a current Patron can switch over. Nillbugwtw has been graciously paying for everything personally for a while now, and while I'm sure he doesn't mind, I definitely want to try to at least modernize our donation system a bit to be more appealing, and that's where this new feature...

Community EscapeRestart Commitment Plan

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I understand that revamping this community has been tried multiple times, so I am laying out a commitment plan that details what I and other staff plan to do in the following year or so to help revamp and revitalize the community. You can read it all below! This was what was discussed in the latest community meeting, and you can also find a download for meeting notes / overview as well!

Note: this is not a full comprehensive list, but rather a general plan to make the community aware of larger changes.

Phase 1: Assessing & Research
Est. time: 2 Weeks (June 20th - July 3rd)
  • Assess access to staff and help
    • Make channel, ping...

Community The Future of EscapeRestart, Current Problems, & More

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Current State

EscapeRestart's numbers have been slowly dwindling over the past years, and that's no secret to anyone. Once player counts fell, a “death spiral” was initiated, and staff lost motivation, further decreasing the quality of our servers and leading to further loss of active players. Staff moved on, a lot of us became adults with too many responsibilities, and on top of that updates for servers have slowed down significantly.

Staff activity is at an all-time low, there have been no promotions, and honestly even I have become overloaded with real life responsibilities that I lost focus on the community. Going forward, I want to be up front and clear about what the admin team have planned for the future of EscapeRestart, what problems led the community to its current state, and more.

Problems of ER

• The Rebrand

It's no secret the...

Information EscapeRestart Discord

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Come join our community Discord! It's our most active platform, and we host all types of events - including game giveaways, game nights that include games like Among Us, Garry's Mod, and our servers, Movie / Show night, and more! We also have a ton more to do on our discord, including things like custom emotes, fun game bots, and channels for various topics for members of the community to discuss. It's also one of the quickest ways to get a hold of a staff member and allows us to give you almost immediate assistance.

We have some notable channels that we think would interest many people, including but not limited to:

#announcements - A feed of all important community matters, super quick way to be updated about our community!
• #choose-your-roles - Pick self assignable...​

Community Staff Changes + The Future of EscapeRestart

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Introduction / Meeting about the future of EscapeRestart

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of recent posts. I have a new addition in my family now, and he can be quite a handful sometimes.

The staff got together a few days ago and had a long talk about who wants to do what, where we wanted to go in the future, and many other things. We had a really healthy and productive discussion, and are now wanting to move forward with some of our plans that we have set in stone. This includes asking the players how you feel about things, the directions we are going, and involving you in the process the entire way. We also are going to increase the transparency we have about updates of our servers and other services - including more thorough update logs, and more frequent player / staff interaction.

We have also begun work on a new and improved lobby. Swift has taken the lead in this charge and we will have something cooking up for you soon! If you haven't yet, make...​

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